At Hi-Studios, we believe every piece has a story. Bringing new life to timber, we transform clients’ visions into soulful, one-of-a-kind wood creations for homes and offices.

Founder Stephen Hosford (left), artist and builder at heart, discovered his life’s passion out of childhood curiosity. Growing up in South Africa, he turned to his trusty Tinker Toys during bouts of illness, constructing elaborate worlds out of simple wooden sticks and spools. Little did he know such humble beginnings with wood would lead him across the globe to share his craft with the world today.

After seeking asylum as a political refugee, Stephen found community and purpose in San Francisco. While navigating various jobs from bike messenger to construction worker to licensed contractor, he honed his skills at seeing potential magic in the rawest materials. Over the course of nearly two decades as a licensed contractor, a steady stream of referrals came in for custom wood pieces. Soon the calls grew so consistent that Stephen innovated a full-time studio catering to these custom wood pieces.

Our greatest joy lies in cultivating and inspiring clients’ imaginations, forging bonds over wood and design, then crafting meaningful heirlooms out living legacies.

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